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  • Etsy

    🤯Unexpectedly delicious beyond all expectation🤯 I am a proud carnivore but this beats meat jerky 9 days a week. Best of all, it's made using mushroom stems- a waste product. It's hard to imagine a more ethical food source. (Also: delivery was lighting quick which is important because I ate the whole bag and now I'm craving more... BADLY)

    ~~ Etsy  Harlan Ryerson

    November 28, 2020
  • Etsy

    Really good. Better than expected. I love mushrooms and the thought of a jerky made with mushrooms sounded really good and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. My favorite is the spicy. Delicious. All the flavors are really good because the flavors added aren’t overpowering. Just the right amount of spice. I definitely this to anyone looking for a delicious vegan snack.

    ~~ Etsy Debbie Aurigemma

    November 25, 2020
  • Etsy

    Best vegan jerky I’ve tried so far!

    Etsy Britt

    November 25, 2020
  • vegky IG angelichealth

    Play video

    ~~  angelichealth

    October 20, 2020
  • Vegky Instagram courtneypure


    I didn’t get to share this on my original camping post but 
    @vegky has some bangin mushroom jerky! I was looking for some vegan jerky before our trip to Lake George and stumbled upon their site. They are also local which is a big plus for me! They use shiitake mushrooms and have a variety of flavors to choose from. My favorite is Spicy and Wasabi.

    NOTE I’m not affiliated with them I just wanted to share my new favorite and most necessary camp food. 😌

    Anyone else ever try mushroom jerky? How do you like it compared to others jerkies?

    ~~  courtneypure

    October 3, 2020
  • Etsy

    Well, I just ate all of them plus the extra bag. I was scared regarding the wasabi flavor, but it is really good, all of them!

    ~~  Hoze

    September 23, 2020
  • foodyhopper

    Skip the sugar and go straight for your quick protein fix!
    Shiitake Mushroom Jerky
    When it comes to jerky, I know most people will think of it as a gas station snack. But in my case, I like to enjoy it as a pre-lunch snack. These shiitake mushroom jerky are great metabolism-revving and hunger satisfying protein especially on a typical work weekday when I barely have time for breakfast. Another bonus-100% vegan, sustainably sourced, cruelty free and cholesterol free. You can get it from @billionvegans , @etsy , @hubbahq , 
    @tastermonial as well as their website👉@vegky

    ~~  foodhopper

    September 2, 2020
  • vegansandventures


    I Met @vegky At The @longislandveganpopup & I’ve Been MindBlown At This Product🤤. It’s Became My Favorite Thing To Snack On Which Is Crazy Cause I’m Not A Crazy Curry Fan But This Is The Beat Curry Food I’ve Ever Had👌🏾 Not To Mention The Sweatness🤤. They Also Sent A Sample Of Chilli🔥 Crunch And I Gotta Tell My Spicy🔥🔥 Followers THAT IS FOR YOU😂 Hottest Thing I’ve Ever Had But The Flavor Is Amazing. They Also Have Original, Pepper & Wasabi Flavor To Choose From But Sadly This Is My Last Bag From My Shipment😢 But Im About To Milk🍼 This Last Pack😂

    Make Sure Y’all Show They Page Some Love & Click The Link In Their Bio To Order Some & When You Do Tell Them @vegansandventures Sent Ya

    Follow @vegansandventures To See What else Can Be Made Vegan 🌱


    ~~  vegansandventures

    August 29, 2020
  • vegnews

    We’re trying all these delicious plant-based jerkies from @vegky! 🌿🌿

    ~~  vegnews

    August 17, 2020
  • vsnackz

    Got Jerky.??? @vegky Does!!!
    If you’re missing Beef Jerky you have to try these flavorful Morsels..


    ~~  vsnackz

    August 15, 2020
  • Etsy

    I definitely will after having them for the first time at the Long Island Vegan pop up. I had to order more because one pack wasn't enough. I can't wait to get my hands on more. Thanks for being the best jerky ever.

    ~~  Lakiya

    August 15, 2020
  • VegNews

    Shiitake mushroom-based vegan jerky from @vegky 🍄 = a VegNews editor favorite. So delicious!

    ~~  vegnews

    August 14, 2020
  • vegansandventures

    Yesterday I Went To @longislandveganpopup 🌱 And It Was Amazing To See All These Vegan🌱 Vendors Right In My Town Come Together 👌🏾

    The 3rd Vendor Was @vegky This Was My First Time Trying Vegan🌱 Beef Jerky And The Flavor Was Curry ( Which I’m Not A Crazy Fan Of ) BUT THIS WAS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD 👏🏾👏🏾.

    ~~  vegansandventures

    July 28, 2020
  • instagram vegky tastermonial

    You thought vegans can't enjoy jerky? Well let me introduce you to this delightful vegan jerky made out of mushrooms. 🌱⁠

    They have 5 flavors available and are high in fiber and protein. You can purchase @vegky on Tastermonial's online shop. ⁠

    ~~  tastermonial

    July 19, 2020
  • instagram vegky indulgentfoods

    I’ve been looking for plant based jerky since forever and I finally found it with @vegky! I love how this is vegan. This is perfect to put over salads and also serves as the perfect garnish.

    Price:$7.99(on sale)💸


    July 19, 2020
  • Amazing amazing amazing! I’ll definitely be buying again!

    ~~  Megan Kristine

    July 7, 2020
  • Instagram vegky megankristine90

    @vegky did their thing with this mushroom jerky! I’ll definitely buy again!

    ~~  megankristine9

    July 7, 2020
  • Etsy

    I really love the texture and flavors that you were able to get from your products. (I've tried them all) This is by far the best vegan jerky I've tried so far. The only thing I could suggest is if possible to make it without sugar. Me and my family try to stay away from sugar for health reasons and if y'all could use an alternative for it, something like maple or agave nectar. Then I think that would make this product even better than it already is.

    ~~  Vilya Lokshin

    July 7, 2020
  • Instagram vegky hideandsoakshop

    Go check out @vegky for some awesome vegan mushroom jerky! It is SO yummy! 🤤
    #vegan #jerky #veganfood #mushrooms #shiitake #shiitakemushrooms #vegans

    ~~  hideandsoakshop

    June 26, 2020
  • If you like jerky, you have to try this shiitake jerky from @vegky, it's so good! 🍄 😁 order some! #veganjerky Thank you, Thomas! Vegky

    ~~  Maria Aralia Neira

    May 14, 2020
  • Instagram Vegky mabesveglif

    Mushroom jerky! Been hooked on this jerky by @vegky since sampling them at the Vegan Christmas Market. They make great gifts!
    #vegan #mushroomjerky #mushrooms #whatveganseat #shiitakemushrooms #shiitake #vegky

    ~~  mabesveglif

    December 26, 2019
  • Instagram Vegky loveenergynature

    Late night snacking on some @vegky!!! What an amazing guilt free snack. Try it and support an awesome small business #vegky #veganfood #artisansofnyc #smallbusiness #guiltfreefood #mushrooms #shitakemushrooms

    ~~  loveenergynature

    December 11, 2019