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Vegan Pizza Toppings

It may come as no surprise that more people are going vegan and enjoying the lifestyle. Years ago being a vegan had some problems when it came to finding products that were vegan friendly, however, today that is nothing to worry about. Many products are vegan friendly and they provide some amazing taste too. When it comes to pizza they have many vegan pizza toppings that are enjoyable and easy to obtain as long as you know where to look. Who said that vegan pizza had to be boring? Well, lucky for all of us, it doesn't have to be and we can have some awesome options.

One of the options that everyone should try is meat-free tuna. A company called Jinka makes a vegan tuna spread that tastes great and we love to use this as a vegan tuna topping on our pizza. Now, before you question the topic of tuna topping on a tomato-based pie it is important to keep in mind that meat and fish eaters have been putting small hairy fish on pizza for years. In our opinion, Jinka vegan tuna topping is much better. Before you argue this point we suggest you try it for yourself and see what you think. We are fairly sure that you will enjoy the taste and texture that this amazing vegan-friendly option provides on a pizza of any style. I mean if you are going to have a vegan pizza you may as well not make it boring and blank when there are so many yummy ideas that can dress that pizza up like it was going to an English queen.

Another thing we love when it comes to vegan pizza toppings is a shelf-stable vegan meat product. Pizza vegan makes what they call Vegky. This stuff is like jerky for vegans and it is made from veggies. They have a mushroom jerky that is great on pizza and as if that single flavor was not enough, they have even more. There are five flavors in total all made from shiitake mushrooms which gives the product the texture of meat. The flavors are original, spicy which adds a nice kick, pepper which adds flavor as well as curry and wasabi. This is one hundred percent plant-based and they only process it minimally so you can rest assured it is the way it was intended to be. These are all amazing vegan pizza toppings and we are sure that you will enjoy each and every one of them. Why not try them for yourself?

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