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Is the shiitake mushroom stalk edible?

Yes, they are edible. They have been eaten for generations in east Asia, where they are native to. 83% of Shiitake mushrooms are grown in China, while Taiwan, USA, Canada, China and Singapore also grow them.

There stalks (aka stems) are edible and full of fiber. You can make stock from them and add them to soups.

There are 2 companies that make vegan jerky from shiitake mushroom stalks. Since the stalks are so fibrous and chewy, they come close to the texture of meat (if cooked and dehydrated properly). If seasoned right, they an excellent substitute for beef jerky. Hence, the name mushroom jerky was born.

Vegky makes mushroom jerky from the stalks of shiitake mushrooms. They make it in 5 flavors: original, spicy, pepper, curry and wasabi.

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